For automotive application, the functions of rubber bushes are:

• Isolation of vibration
• Reduced transmission of noise
• Flexible load bearing members for joint of suspension system to frame and body
• Meeting low NVH
• Maintenance free


A rubber washer is a ring made of rubber used in mechanical devices. It is used to prevent vibration from spreading from one part to another, reducing the noise levels.

A rubber washer that seals machinery parts in contact to prevent the leakage of liquid or air is typically known as a rubber gasket. It can be used in a variety of machines and this can include cars and heavy industrial machinery. Its use helps to save money by allowing machinery parts to be manufactured with less than perfect surfaces. The gasket is used to fill in the irregularities between the two surfaces.

A rubber washer is commonly used in plumbing. It can be found in a faucet and is used to stop leaks when the faucet is turned of. If you have a leaky faucet in your home then one of the first things to do is check the rubber washer. As they get older they can become hardened, damaged or wear out and this reduces their effectiveness.

Typical uses are mounting computer parts, like fans and hard disk drives. By decoupling the motor from the computer case it prevents the resonance chamber effect from amplifying the noise.


Rubber Diaphragms are resistant to a variety of media at different pressure.It's function is to fulfill switch , control, valve pump and accumulator functions.Diaphragms are a sealing & moveable dividing membrenes between two components. We are manufacturing Diaphragms With nylon Cloth inserted also.


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