Dispersion Kneader

We use state of art Dispersion Kneader for Rubber compounding. Our highly skilled and experienced workmen who have 30 years of experience are masters of compounding. Our formulations are designed to suit respective customer’s specifications. The recipe is converted in control plan and allotted unique code. The compounding process in dispersion kneader ensures to achieve required properties of the compound and controls pollution.

Compound Cutting Machine

This machine is a innovation by us to replace manual cutting of the Rubber Compound. This ensures that the right size of compound strip with exact length, width, & thickness is used in loading the compound in the cavity. It also bears the correct loading weight required for the component to mold without damages. By this method we achieve defect less component. This is also convenient in handling for molders and ensures enhanced productivity & Quality.

Automized Hydraulic Press

Our highly skilled Molders are well trained to operate the Atomized Hydraulic Press. Our press is designed for convenient operation which reduces load time resulting in maximum output.


Rheometer, Tensile Strength, Elongation Break, Specific Gravity, Compression set Shore Hardness, Heat ageing Oven Test, Profile Projector, etc are the tests we carry on our finished & semi finished products. It is our prime priority to ensure the required physical properties, dimensions and other quality parameters are adhered to before the product is dispatched to customer.